How to Build An Email List: Let’s Get Back To Basics

I have spent most of my own time within the last couple years reading, and practicing certain techniques. But I decided which it concerned time that I started sharing a few of what I’ve acquired along with you guys, to talk about the significance.

I have been looking at plenty of questions on various forums, rather than only are a handful of people finding it hard to build lists (often by over-complicating things), but a majority of people still aren’t building them at all –

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The old ‘Wow, that looks awesome, I’m gonna implement that some time’ approach does not work. ‘Some time’ never comes. But ‘now’ is already here. Quit procrastinating, guys!

Saying that, having focus is a large portion of working for yourself, since you have nobody poking you with a stick, hinting what to do, and many types of these different systems and tactics can be extremely distracting. So in case you’re in the middle of another project, don’t distract yourself with list-building at this time, because completing 1 project is preferable to starting 100. But be sure to make list-building your following priority.

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Okay, so now that we’ve that taken care of, we should get for the list building tactics!

First of, there are a handful of pre-requisites for building an email list. So when you discover ways to build an email list, you have access to efficient at these:

You must have chosen a profitable niche. The reason for this can be that building an e-mail list is not just about producing a website to capture leads and sending people to it. Building a profitable email list, which I’m sure will be the kind that you would like is approximately selecting a profitable niche and driving targeted traffic to it.

Let’s make contact with basics – The simple formula for making money as a marketer is:

Finding a group of people which has a need (these people are your target audience – The ‘right’ people to sell to).

Creating/Finding a strategy to that want.

Presenting that treatment for your target audience.

If your market are ‘buyers’, then as soon as you start implementing step three, you are going to start making money. But in order to do that, you have to know where to find the people in your market –


Make them come your way!

Get inside head of your target market. What kind of keywords will they use? What kinds of forums would they hang out on? What appeals to them? Do they like freebies (- always a yes)? Do they spend a lot of time on social networking sites? – And these are just A FEW with the questions you’ll want to be questioning.

So now, I’m going to begin extracting step three in the above process, because once you create a list of people from a audience, ‘presenting’ solutions goes from having to do:


Article Marketing

PPC marketing

Social Media Marketing
And a great many others…


Sending out a contact.

I’m sure almost all of you already know this, but I’m which makes it precise for those of you who didn’t.

What I’m going to say now may baffle a number of the marketers scanning this article, but I’m sure most of you may COMPLETELY agree…

What we’re going to do now’s discover how to help people, and benefit from a number of the laws of human nature…

When I say ‘Presenting the treatment for your marketplace’…

What you think of? Do you think of selling them a product/service to fix their problem?

Sometime, it is exactly what it means, but when you are looking at list building… At least most of the time, it’s GIVING them the strategy to their problems, or otherwise a massive part of it.

FREE? But then why would they need to buy anything from me?

Your aim is to entice anybody into entering their name and email address contact information to obtain the strategy to their problems. To do this, you’ll need to build a landing page. This page will offer your user a totally free part of information that will assist them to fix their problem. This is often shown in the form of a free of charge report.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Even should you give someone every piece of information that they need in order to correct their problem – At least one of a couple of things can happen –

The law of reciprocation will kick in:

When you are doing something to help you someone, in particular when it’s big, they’ll need to give something back. They will feel better you, and also over time, you are going to be able to construct an efficient relationship utilizing your autoresponder, and personally replying for their emails where possible. People who you’ve relationships with TRUST you… And therefore, they’re going to have confidence in recommendations (your affiliate/product offers).

Hunger for knowledge will start working:

If you do not trust it… Take a look at yourself. Many of individuals looking over this article happen to be told one million times how to develop an e-mail list… Yet, here you happen to be. Even if people are actually told over well as over again, many people want their portable, to become taught step by step, or learn something totally new that might help these phones do things easier, or faster.

This means that when you carry on and send your targeted list free valuable information, together with paid offers, they’re going to be receptive, provided you offer them good content, and you picked the proper niche in the first place.

So now… Here may be the detail by detail procedure for developing a list.

I’m not sure I can get into an excessive amount of detail on here, because I’ve already written over two pages, but if you need any further detail, go ahead and contact me.

Step 1: Choose a profitable niche.

This may take hours, or even days of market research. However, while using internet, it’s been adapted much simpler. Remember the list from earlier? Well… There’s a shortcut to completing the very first two measures in 1 go… But still, take some time with this particular.

Usually, you would need to brainstorm or survey or collect information on people as a way to find a desire (the first step). You would also need to perform some research to determine if individuals in this target market were actually ‘buyers’… And then you would have to find/create a solution to which need (step # 2).

But with ClickBank, you will find loads of merchandise to browse through in a variety of niches. And in the event the gravity is high on an item, you will know people inside niche are buyers. This way, you’ll be able to complete both steps 1 and two in the fairly almost no time.

Step 2a: Build a squeeze page.

AKA a ‘squeeze page’… The sole function of this site is usually to ‘convert’ as much visitors as you possibly can into leads. A lead/subscriber is someone that ‘opts-in’ to join your subscriber lists.

These pages include 3 primary elements:

The lead capture form. The boxes that collect the 1st name and email in the visitor (or simply email address contact information sometimes), using a submission button. This adds them to your subscriber list, that will link using your autoresponder service.

The ‘lead bait’ image/introduction. This will be the free gift that you’ll give people once they subscribe.

Benefits – This is basically the advert for that benefits that your particular subscribers are certain to get. This can be in the sort of a bullet pointed list, a youtube video, or both. Marketing 101: You always sell benefits, not features. This means that you tell people what sort of features will HELP them, as opposed to exactly what the features are. E.g. ‘This new phone is wi-fi enabled’ is really a feature. Browse the internet anywhere’ is really a benefit.

There are plenty of places you are able to visit get free lead capture page templates that may be easily edited in dreamweaver of MS FrontPage. If you need any help finding one, PM me.

Step 2b: Setting up your autoresponder

I have called this step ‘2b’ since you can’t really have a splash page with nowhere to the leads to get stored after they are captured. You will want these to be saved in an autoresponder optin list.

An autoresponder can be a system that automatically messages your leads, in line with the starting time and date which they enrolled. For example, say you set up 3 messages, one to get sent on ‘day1’, one for ‘day2’ then one for ‘week1’… The first message will likely be sent at the time the lead registered, the other is going to be sent some day when they sign up, as well as the third will likely be sent weekly after registering. This means that you can send affiliate promotions often, without being forced to repeat the work. Once you’ve create a long autoresponder series, you won’t should touch it again for some time, if you do not wish to, (that you simply probably should).

This is not all of that’s possible. You can also send out ‘burst’ emails, which can be where it might send to everyone with your database as well, irrespective of where they’re inside your autoresponder series.

The most widely used autoresponder services are AWeber and Getresponse. There are a handful of free ones should you desire to save money, and you are able to host them yourself. This can be a good idea when you’re in the beginning stages, but because your list gets bigger, I would recommend that you use AWeber.

Your autoresponder is what will give you freedom, and stops you against needing to send emails for hours on end, so that you’ll be able to use your time more productively.

Step 3: Get a website on your squeeze page

Websites aren’t as expensive while they used being. You can get url of your website at under a couple of dollars, for around $10, and you’ll be able to get website hosting for $5 each month.

Your landing page doesn’t need to be all that your particular website is made up of, nonetheless it ought to be for the website. This stops people for being distracted, looking to get at your home page to find out more – Because they’re already about it. Their choice is usually to either subscribe or leave.

Step 4: Begin driving traffic to your squeeze page

I’m not planning to get into this place in excessive depth on this page, since there are countless traffic-generating tips about this great site.

Sig marketing – Advertise your lead capture page with your forum signatures.

Article marketing – Advertise your lead capture page in the ‘Author Bio’ of your articles.

SEO – It is harder to obtain squeeze pages ranked on Google, simply because they tend to be pretty short, so it’s harder to optimize them with keywords. However, it is not impossible to get them ranked in any way, particularly when you use backlinks. However, it makes more sense to make a ‘blog squeeze’, as blogs rank better. A ‘blog squeeze’ is the place you might have an opt-in form like a widget within the sidebar of one’s blog.

Social Media Marketing – Use internet sites such as Facebook and twitter they are driving people to your web site.

Step 5: Start training your list

This means sorting your autoresponder series, so that you will get the proper balance between simply giving them value, and sending them offers.

This is pretty a controversial subject, because nobody really knows the PERFECT way of ‘training’ your list. By ‘training’, I mean making your list more receptive for your offers. If you only send them offers, you may seem selfish, and so they won’t wish to give anything to you. But about the flip-side, if you only send them free value, when you might be prepared to send them an offer, they won’t be used with it, as well as also lower conversions, along with the general profitability of your list.

Personally, I would recommend which you send emails which contain useful tips, hints and value, by having an embedded offer. This way, your subscriber always gets something of value after they read your emails, and whether they accept the offer is totally their choice. This way, they always think you are helping them, and they’ll be used to receiving offers from you.


Once your list starts growing, it’s your job to ensure it KEEPS growing, and the more work you spent, the better you are going to do as time goes on. If you put in the work, your prospecting can be passive, and you’ll be able to watch your business grow organically. But before you can do this, you really need to make a change. Good luck!