Online Publishing Can Make You Wealthy With Little Risk

The Internet has built an unprecedented and timely opportunity for anyone to generate massive income with no need to invest a lot of cash. And, should you it right, start earning profits in under 10 days.

This opportunity wasn’t available only a few years back. And it really is changing the entire landscape with the information publishing industry. The marketing and selling of information is one with the fastest growing areas today – growing by double digits. People want straight answers plus they need it fast.

And, this opportunity is increasing much more using the current trend in the Amazon Kindle, Smart Phones and after this the iPad. There are more ways than laptop computer where people can buy and consume information. You have not seen anything yet with regards to the company of providing great content.

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The Internet is the Place Where Buyers Are

Everyone individuals has problems, questions, challenges and areas where we want to acquire more knowledge, solutions, advice and data. And it really is popular that this Internet is the place where most people head to get answers and solutions.

You Can Target Your Ideal Customer at the Time He/She Is Looking for What You Provide

But the Internet also offers the ability for you to reach your target customer with the exact time that he or she is looking to get the answers, solutions, advice and information which you provide inside your product. When I first truly understood this, I was amazed. Let me repeat it to put it differently just so you receive this- it can be that important.

Before the Internet, it would take a number of 1000s of dollars to get a business to be able to reach simply a small market of prospects. But now, you can reach thousands or else millions of people paying little or no to acquire your company and product in front of them in the time they’re searching for your solution.

It is Dirt Cheap to Start an Online Publishing Business and Create a Profit Stream

Your computer can try everything needed to write, format and finalize a written product (book, course, report). If you are creating an electronic publication, all you need is to convert your document to Adobe and other compatible format for distribution. You can do this for free while using the many available PDF conversion and other eBook format services and software.

There are free and low cost services that supply everything you need to build a place on the Internet to market your products or services, deliver your products and get paid instantly.

With the data of basic Internet marketing marketing principles and methods, you’ll be able to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers in a few minutes of launching your website (the fastest way is pay-per-click advertising).

As a good example, when I created my first information product, it took me weekly to write it and another week to understand what I needed to promote it on the Internet. On the first day, I had 30 site visitors arrived at my website plus it set me back $13 in advertising costs to have them there.

Everything could be Automated

And, everything could be create so it’s all automated. Your advertising along with other marketing techniques, payment processing and product delivery can all happen using available technology.


When I put these components of your online publishing profit model together, I knew it turned out personally because it provided not only a approach to generate profits but it turned out time efficient, inexpensive, and deadly effective… and more importantly it generates a a second income stream that doesn’t require me being actively managing it – this translates to more hours freedom for me and my children.

But what I would never know with the time was how much more powerful this profit model may be. There are so many additional and non-obvious ways it is possible to leverage online publishing to boost the income potential of just one product by sometimes 10x and in many cases 20x. I will discuss some of the additional opportunities in Part II- Stay tuned!