A2 Hosting

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A2 Hosting($2.96/month)

irrespective of your understanding with designing websites and having them to manage your business enterprise or for personal use, it’s normntly feasible and better to have a professional by your side. Having an professional implies they know how to go through all the technicalities of getting a website up and performing in the quickest period of time and how to build and maintain the website in its prime state.

The complicated aspect happens in opting for an expert, that will be responsible and trusted enough to work with all your challenges and inquiries at any given time. One such authority in the web hosting business is A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting has been around for really quite some time. primarily starting off back in 2001 with a totally different name, it gradually made its way through the industry and earned a dependable position among the outstanding players of the web hosting game. A2, has always been practical when it comes to inviting new technology into their systems.

A2 Hosting serves up four different methods of hosting services, Shared Hosting being the cheapest at $2.96 per month and Dedicated Hosting being the most expensive at $99.59 per month.

going into the features of what they’re offering, one of their greatest USPs is the speed they offer along with incredible uptime of 99.9%. And these are not just mere words, A2 has got the product reviews to back it all up. A2 makes use of SSDs and turbo servers which help them in delivering 20x quicker speeds at all times.

In addition, A2 has three different data centers operating around the clock in three main, different continents. These geographical spread allows you to get connected to your nearest server and continue getting good speeds on your websites.

A2Hosting in no way compromises on its security either. Their data centers are all extraordinarily secure places with proper entry systems in place to make sure that no intruder gets in. For your websites too, they offer various instruments like scanning for viruses, dual web hosting firewall and many others.

A2’s customer support team has been named ‘Guru Crew Support’ because they offer you great 24/7 customer support service, no matter where you are. You can reach the Gurus by means of email, live chat, a phone call or by sending in a ticket.

To grant its customers with easy to use website designing, A2 makes use of the cPanel control panel which is a standard control panel and is frequently used and perceived by most people. They also offer high quality eCommerce tools for all your business related websites.

A2Hosting also affords you a free trial with the freedom of having an anytime money back guarantee, which is an extraordinary deal for all those who’re still researching their possibilities and finding satisfaction.

All in all, A2 offers a good equity for your money if not the greatest and is really great for all the newcomers.


  • Unlimited transfer.
  • Free site migrations.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee.


  • Prices are slightly higher than some big names
  • Confusing coupon code discounts


A2 Hosting is your get-go if you want free site migrations, unlimited transfer and excellent service.