Always Web Hosting ($9.95/month)

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AlwaysWebHosting is an American origin web hosting service provider that offers numerous plans and tailored services for its customers including custom web templates, letting customers create their business’s website just the way they want it to be.

First off, let’s dive into the web hosting plans and their prices being offered by AlwaysWebHosting. There web hosting plans are divided into three basic categories, Bronze, Gold and Platinum.

The Bronze group is good for you if you’re just getting started. At a monthly price of $10.95, you get 10 gigs of web storage, 100 email accounts, cPanel to work on, for your website and many other features.

For bigger websites which demand considerably more space for videos and email accounts, the Gold package is fantastic. This plan offers you 15 GB storage, lots of email accounts and many other attributes including all the ones in the Bronze package, at a price of $16.45 per month.

Lastly, the Platinum plan gives quite simply, a lot more of everything. $27.45 per month is what it will cost you if you decide to take up this plan. But with that price, you get 25 GB of storage, unlimited email accounts, 250G bandwidth and a whole lot of functions, covering the ones in the Gold package.

These plans can be bought on either one, three, six or twelve-month payment plans but the disadvantage is that there are no discounts, even if you’re opting for the twelve-month plan.

AlwaysWebHosting doesn’t have a live chat option on their website, for customer support. Therefore, you can only get help through email, telephone or a ticket. The support team, however, is very reliable and delivers rapid responses to all the emails and other queries.

The company has four data centres, spread across America, in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Fremont. The data centres have effective manned security, around the clock along with an effective UPS system backed up by standby generators to eliminate any data damage or mishap.

AlwaysWebHosting also pledges 99.99% of website uptime with a one-month credit compensation if there your website is receiving extreme outages. The data is also being scanned at different intervals for viruses and malware, thanks to the CentOS Linux servers.

Apart from web hosting, AlwaysWebHosting also offers many value-added features and services, for example, FTP, SSH access, PHP versions 4 to 7 and numerous other coding languages like Python.


* Great uptime level and compensation for downtime.
* fast and highly responsive customer support team.
* Several value-added, free of cost features.
* 30 days of money-back guarantee.


* A little overpriced compared to countless competitors.
* No live chat feature for customer care, on the website.


AlwaysWebHosting is offering up fantastic services for all the individual website owners as well as all the small and medium-sized business owners as their plans include and cover most of the significant features that are required to get a website up and running.

However, the only two drawbacks are the lack of discounts even on extended payment plans along with the a little overpriced web hosting plans.