Forex VPS ($19.99 /month)

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Forex trading is a difficult business. One moment’s delay or trouble and one might have to bear a severe loss. Therefore having a reliable VPS for forex trading is a must. Keeping this in mind, FX VPS presents dependable and efficient VPS services for this purpose.

Forex VPS makes use of independent servers that have been boosted to contend with Metatrader and EA Execution. Thus the clients are delivered services with a lighting fast speed. The servers are dedicated for the intent of forex trading which enhances the speed of the service by a extensive factor.

Confidentiality and shielding client information are one of the primary concerns of Forex VPS. Therefore, they make use of foolproof security protocols so the clients do not have to worry about any type of data loss or leakage. Any and all information provided remains safe and private no matter what.

Tired of other VPS service providers for forex trading because the EA Execution is a hassle? Not a chance of this happening when using ForexVPS. The sophisticated and optimized servers are compatible and prepared to execute even the most complex EA’s with ease and convenience.

Customer support is another strong feature of ForexVPS. They offer around the clock customer support throughout the week. Customers can contact support for any issue they may encounter. The customer service representatives are well educated about the services and are extremely qualified and humble.

The latency of FX VPS is only 0.38ms which is fairly lower than the latency of other service providers in the market. This lower latency rate helps with orders execution and the customers can execute their orders whenever they want to without any hassle or inconvenience.

The server speed of FX VPS is amazing as well. The servers are dedicated and are located in distinct parts around the world. This boosts their excellence and one never has to be worried about delays or slow loading of web pages.

In order to help customers with varied needs, they have a number of plans for the customers. Each of these plans comes with its own features and functionality and is priced differently based on what the package has to offer. This gives the clients the liberty to consider a package that is most suitable according to their needs.


* Highly professional customer support.
* 24/7 available customer support.
* Dedicated servers.
* Prices are comparatively cheaper and more affordable as compared to other service providers.
* The latency rate of 0.38ms is commendable.
* Free trial allows testing before signing up for the packages.
* A number of packages to choose from based on needs.


* Customer support response rate needs improvement.
* VPS services may lag sometimes.


All in all, ForexVPS is a commendable choice for anyone looking for a speedy and dedicated VPS particularly when it comes to forex trading. The list of pros for FX VPS is definitely longer as compared to the cons which itself is a reflection of the high quality of their services.