How to Build An Email List: Let’s Get Back To Basics

I have spent almost all of my time within the last couple years reading, and practicing certain techniques. But I decided that it was ready time that I started sharing several of what I’ve grabbed along guys, to share the worth.

I happen to be looking at a great deal of questions about various forums, rather than only are a handful of people finding it tough to build lists (often by over-complicating things), however, many people still aren’t building them at all –

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The old ‘Wow, that appears really cool, I’m gonna implement that some time’ approach can not work. ‘Some time’ never comes. But ‘now’ has already been here. Quit procrastinating, guys!

Saying that, having focus is a huge a part of having your own business, as you have nobody poking you which has a stick, letting you know how to proceed, and all these different systems and tactics can be be extremely distracting. So in case you’re in the middle of some other project, don’t distract yourself with list-building at this time, because completing 1 project is superior to starting 100. But be sure to make list-building your following priority.

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Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, why don’t we get towards the list building tactics!

First of most, there are a handful of pre-requisites for building a message list. So when you discover ways to build an email list, you should get great at these:

You need to have chosen a profitable niche. The reason for this is that building an e-mail list is not only just about making a page to capture leads and sending visitors to it. Building a profitable optin list, which I’m sure may be the kind that you want is approximately choosing the profitable niche and driving targeted people to it.

Let’s get back to basics – The simple formula in making money being a marketer is:

Finding a group of people using a need (these people are your marketplace – The ‘right’ people to target).

Creating/Finding a strategy to that want.

Presenting that strategy to your audience.

If your market are ‘buyers’, then once you start implementing step # 3, you may start making money. But in order to achieve that, you need to know finding the folks with your market –


Make them come to you!

Get in the head of one’s audience. What kind of keywords do they use? What kinds of forums will they go out on? What interests them? Do they like freebies (- always a yes)? Do they spend a lot of time on internet sites? – And these are just A FEW in the questions you need to be asking yourself.

So now, I’m planning to begin extracting step three from the above process, because after you build a list of subscribers out of your marketplace, ‘presenting’ solutions goes from needing to do:


Article Marketing

PPC marketing

Social Media Marketing
And numerous others…


Sending out an email.

I’m sure nearly all of you realize this, but I’m making it very clear for anyone who didn’t.

What I’m about to say now may baffle a number of the marketers reading this article, but I’m sure many of you are going to COMPLETELY agree…

What we are going to do might be discover how to help people, and reap the benefits of a few of the laws of human instinct…

When I say ‘Presenting the strategy to your target market’…

What think of? Do you think of selling them something/service to correct their problem?

Sometime, it is exactly what it implies, however, if it comes to optimization… At least in many cases, it’s GIVING them the strategy to their problems, or at best a huge a part of it.

FREE? But then why would they need to buy anything from me?

Your aim can be to entice the person into entering their name and email address contact information to have the treatment for their problems. To do this, you may need to make a squeeze page. This page will give you your user a no cost little bit of information that will help them to solve their problem. This is often given in the type of a free report.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Even if you give someone every piece of information which they need in order to fix their problem – At least one of a pair of things will happen –

The law of reciprocation will begin working:

When one does something to assist someone, in particular when it’s big, they’ll need to give something back. They will feel better you, and over time, you are going to be able to build a highly effective relationship making use of your autoresponder, and personally replying for their emails where possible. People who you’ve relationships with TRUST you… And therefore, they’ll trust your recommendations (your affiliate/product offers).

Hunger for knowledge will begin working:

If you never accept it… Take a look at yourself. Many of the folks looking over this article happen to be told a million times how to develop an e-mail list… Yet, here you might be. Even if people have been told over and over again, most of the people want their handheld, being taught detail by detail, or learn new things that might help the crooks to do things easier, or faster.

This ensures that as you always send your targeted list free valuable information, together with paid offers, they will be receptive, provided you offer them good content, and you picked the correct niche to start with.

So now… Here will be the detail by detail means of building a list.

I’m not sure I can enter into excessive detail on here, because I’ve already written over two pages, but when you want any longer detail, twenty-four hours a day contact me.

Step 1: Choose a profitable niche.

This may take hours, as well as days of researching the market. However, while using internet, it has been turned much simpler. Remember the list from earlier? Well… There’s a shortcut to completing the 1st two steps in 1 go… But still, take some time with this.

Usually, you would need to brainstorm or survey or collect information about people to be able to find a necessity (step 1). You would also have to be diligent to discover if the folks in that audience were actually ‘buyers’… And then you will have to find/create a strategy to which need (step # 2).

But with ClickBank, there are tons of products to search through in various niches. And if your gravity is high on a product or service, you know individuals inside the niche are buyers. This way, it is possible to complete both steps 1 and two in the fairly not much time.

Step 2a: Build a squeeze page.

AKA a ‘landing page’… The sole intent behind these pages would be to ‘convert’ numerous visitors as you can into leads. A lead/subscriber is someone that ‘opts-in’ to participate your subscriber lists.

These pages consist of 3 primary ingredients:

The lead capture form. The boxes that collect the very first name and email of the visitor (or just email address sometimes), having a submission button. This adds them to your subscriber list, which should be connected using your autoresponder service.

The ‘lead bait’ image/introduction. This could be the free offer that you are going to get for people once they subscribe.

Benefits – This is basically the advert to the benefits that your subscribers can get. This can be in the form of a bullet pointed list, videos, or both. Marketing 101: You always sell benefits, not features. This implies that you tell people how a features will HELP them, rather than just what the features are. E.g. ‘This new phone is wi-fi enabled’ is a feature. Browse the internet anywhere’ is really a benefit.

There are loads of places you are able to head to get free landing page templates which can be easily edited in dreamweaver of MS FrontPage. If you need any help finding one, PM me.

Step 2b: Setting up your autoresponder

I have called this step ‘2b’ when you can’t genuinely have a splash page with nowhere for the leads being stored after they are captured. You will want these to be held in an autoresponder optin list.

An autoresponder is often a system that automatically messages your leads, based on the starting time and date they signed up. For example, let’s imagine you determine up 3 messages, one to become sent on ‘day1’, one for ‘day2’ and one for ‘week1’… The first message will be sent at the time the lead enrolled, the other will probably be sent one day as soon as they sign up, and the third will be sent a week after joining. This ensures that it is possible to mail out affiliate promotions regularly, without being forced to repeat the project. Once you’ve set up an extended autoresponder series, you won’t really need to touch it again for quite a while, until you need to, (that you just probably should).

This just isn’t everything that’s possible. You can also distribute ‘burst’ emails, which can be where it could send to everyone inside your database concurrently, wherever they may be within your autoresponder series.

The most favored autoresponder services are AWeber and Getresponse. There are a handful of free ones if you want to save money, and you are able to host them yourself. This can be a good option if you are just starting out, but as the list gets bigger, I would recommend that you use AWeber.

Your autoresponder is exactly what offers you freedom, and stops from having to send emails throughout the day, so that you’ll be able to make use of time more productively.

Step 3: Get a website on your lead capture page

Websites are not as expensive since they used to be. You can get url of your website for just one or two dollars, for approximately $10, and it is possible to get website hosting for $5 per month.

Your squeeze page doesn’t have to become all your website consists of, but it should be around the home page. This stops people to be distracted, and looking to get to your website to find out more – Because they’re already onto it. Their choice would be to either sign up or leave.

Step 4: Begin driving people to your lead capture page

I’m not going to enter this in excessive depth on this page, with there being numerous traffic-generating recommendations on this site.

Sig marketing – Advertise your squeeze page in your forum signatures.

Article marketing – Advertise your landing page in the ‘Author Bio’ of one’s articles.

SEO – It is harder to get squeeze pages ranked on Google, simply because they tend to become pretty short, therefore it is harder to optimize these with keywords. However, it is not impossible to have them ranked whatsoever, particularly if you use backlinks. However, celebrate more sense to make a ‘blog squeeze’, as blogs rank better. A ‘blog squeeze’ occurs when you might have an opt-in form as being a widget inside the sidebar of your blog.

Social Media Marketing – Use social support systems like Facebook and twitter to operate a vehicle people to your web site.

Step 5: Start training your list

This means sorting out of the autoresponder series, so that you can get the right balance between simply providing them with value, and sending them offers.

This is fairly a controversial subject, because nobody really knows the PERFECT way of ‘training’ your list. By ‘training’, I mean making your list more receptive to your offers. If you only send them offers, you might seem selfish, plus they won’t want to give everything to you. But on the flip-side, if you only send them free value, when you might be able to send them a deal, they will not be used with it, and this will also lower sales, as well as the general profitability of your list.

Personally, I would recommend that you simply send emails which contain useful tips, hints and value, having an embedded offer. This way, your subscriber always gets something of value when they read your emails, and if they accept the offer is entirely their choice. This way, they always believe that you might be helping them, and they’ll be employed to receiving offers from you.


Once your list starts growing, it’s your job to be sure it KEEPS growing, along with the more work you spend, the better you may do as time passes. If you put within the work, your lead generation can be passive, and it is possible to watch your business grow organically. But before this can be achieved, you really need to act. Good luck!