Jaguar PC ($9.95/month)

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Established nearly about ten years ago in 1998, Jaguar PC is actually a hosting company with a number of solutions. From shared, cloud-based and VPS hosting plans which can be proper for almost all types of business needs.

In terms of shared hosting plans, there will be three basic hosting plans which can be provided by Jaguar PC namely Lite, Standard and Pro. All of these kinds of plans include features such as Cpanel Pro, CDN for fast site reloading, automated backups, site constructor, website templates and totally free create.

The between these plans is with regards to storage space, data transfer bandwidth email instances and parked domain names.

A commendable feature of Jaguar PC is the feature of daily backups. This keeps all the info and details about the web page safe and reduces the risk of data loss.

Since the backup is automated, therefore the clients themselves do not have to go through the tedious process of doing this manually.

The uptime of Jaguar PC is commendable since well. Their average uptime is almost 97% however they are extremely close to attaining the goal uptime of totally very soon. This uptime exists for every website that is hosted via their platform.

Producing your own website has been made very easy and convenient by Jaguar PC. They have incorporated the BoldGrid website builder which in turn allows the users to develop their own site simply via drag and drop.

A staging environment is usually also available which allows the users get a feel of their website before it goes live. The pre-installed applications are also a great feature to add to the website.

Jaguar PC is among the the majority of affordable hosting service providers in the market. Their prices may seem on the higher part at first but when solutions are compared, it turns into apparent that Jaguar PC is a much better choice as compared to other website hosting systems.


* Drag and drop website building.
* Daily automated backups.
* Staging environment allows website testing.
* A number of free third-party applications are already installed to enhance the website’s functionality.
* Guaranteed 100% uptime.
* Convenient and free website migration.
* Domain transfer is free.


* Lack of money-back guarantee.
* No free trial period.
* Live chat option for customer support is only available during business hours.
* The ticketing system is not effective.
* Pricing may seem expensive when compared to other service providers.


When looking for a one-stop solution for almost all hosting needs for a business, Jaguar PC ought to surely be taken in consideration. There is a number of packages, each having its very own offering, for the shoppers to choose from. This gives the business owners the freedom to pick the services they desire.

The entire performance, functionality and uptime of Jaguar PC is nothing yet amazing. They need to enhance their customer service service but in general, it is a good choice to get businesses looking for a variety of hosting services at 1 place.