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Free business checking accounts are the wave of the future. With the present economy businesses need to save every penny they can. One way to do so is by reducing or eliminating monthly fees charged by banks which can really add up. Theres a wide discrepancy among reputable banks for managing your company checking account so you need to do some investigating and comparing before making a decision.
Compare not only the monthly fees but also the per-check and per-deposit fees along with other services provided. The cheapest might not always actually be the least expensive in the long run depending on your individual needs.
Most small business owners and managers prefer to manage their enterprise checking on the net so make sure your financial institution offers this service. Make money online offers Some banks will also offer a free checking account on the net even for business enterprise accounts.
Below are some of the very best deals for enterprise checking on the internet and for a totally free checking account on line for your small business-
HSBC offers a free checking account online for organizations. There are no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements. 10 totally free wire transfers per month are provided along with free of charge online Bill Pay. The Remote Deposit Capture feature allows company ownersmanagers to make deposits without leaving the work place. With this enterprise checking on the web account you can conduct banking on the internet at ATMs and on the telephone.
PNC offers free business checking on line for small organizations. This type of account is designed for sole proprietorships start-up organizations or any business with low monthly activity. Accounts can be opened with 100 and no minimum monthly balance is required. 200 transactions are allowed each month at no charge along with deposits of up to 5000. This is a true cost-free checking account on-line with no cost access on line to recent account history paid checks deposit tickets account balances and bill pay. Transfers to checking from a PNC Money Market Account or Business enterprise Line of Credit are also provided. Your PNC Bank Business enterprise Visa Check Card can be used to pay bills at PNC ATMs and for purchases in stores by phone and on the web – all without fees.
BB T has a relatively new business enterprise checking online option for small business owners called Enterprise Value 500. The 25 monthly fee is waived for accounts with a 5000 average daily balance a 15000 average monthly balance A 50000 average monthly balance in a organization investors deposit account OR a 50000 combined monthly average balance among BB T accounts like enterprise loans and enterprise CDs. Company Value 500 offers 500 cost-free transactions per month along with deposits up to 20000. Free of charge online banking no cost bill pay no cost automatic overdraft protection and totally free business check cards are also provided. With this account you also get a Visa Company Rewards credit card with no annual fee. Also up to three small business owners can each enjoy a cost-free checking account on-line for personal use.
Bank of America
Bank of America offers a Business enterprise Economy checking account and a Enterprise Advantage checking account. Both types of business checking on line accounts offer free of charge on the web banking and discounts on office products and office supplies.
The Business Economy checking account is geared toward new businesses and those with an average balance of less than 15000 along with fewer than 150 deposits and checks paid per month and 10000 or less deposited each month. The monthly maintenance fee is 12 UNLESS at least one qualifying purchase is made during the month with a Organization Check Card the checking balance does not fall below 3000 or an average balance of 10000 is maintained. After the first 150 checks paid and deposits a 0.45 fee is charged for each.
The Business Advantage checking account is designed for businesses with an average balance of 15000 or more and up to 400 deposits and checks paid per month. The monthly fee is 29.95 UNLESS a 15000 balance is maintained or the company has a 100000 or more business term loan or lease.
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo offers several options for business checking on-line accounts that vary from state to state. These might include Simple Enterprise Checking Organization Checking Small business Checking with Interest Expanded Small business Checking and the Business enterprise Dividend Checking Account. All include totally free ATM access free overdraft protection and absolutely free Business On line Service.
Simple Company checking is geared toward small businesses and small non-profit organizations. The 10 monthly fee is waived if the average balance of at least 1000 is maintained and if the customer agrees to online statements only. Accounts can be opened for as little as 100 and this is a free checking account on the web if less than 50 deposits and checks paid occur per month and deposits total no more than 3000.
Enterprise Checking can be opened with 100 and is free with a 3000 minimum daily balance a 6000 average ledger balance OR at least one Wells Fargo Business enterprise Payroll transaction occurs each month from the account. 150 free of charge deposits and checks paid are included along with deposits of up to 5000 per month.
Business enterprise Checking with Interest is Wells Fargos enterprise checking on line for sole proprietorships that have moderate activity. Accounts can be opened with 100 and interest is earned daily and paid on a monthly basis. The service is free with a 3000 daily balance a 6000 average ledger balance OR a Wells Fargo Small business Payroll transaction is paid from the account every month. Cost-free monthly transactions include up to 150 deposits and checks paid and 5000 in total deposits.
Expanded Company Checking is for organizations that have up to 300 transactions per month and deposits of less than 5000. The monthly fee is waived with an 8000 minimum daily balance an average ledger balance of at least 16000 OR a 32000 combined average ledger balance making this a no cost checking account on-line for organizations.
The Business Dividend Checking Account is for organizations that have an average balance of at least 50000. Funds automatically transfer between the checking account and a Wells Fargo Advantage Money Market Fund. Expenses are tracked categorically with the Organization spending Report. The monthly fee is 15. The monthly sweep fee is 35.
Chase Bank offers several different types of small business checking accounts. All include free of charge access to over 15000 ATMs free of charge email alerts free on the web bill pay free of charge online check images free of charge organization debit cards and totally free statements on the web. Chase organization checking accounts include Small business Classic Checking Advanced Business enterprise Checking BusinessPlus Extra Checking and Chase Non-Profit Organization Classic Checking.
The Small business Classic Checking is totally free with a qualifying personal checking account a minimum monthly average OR an active Chase organization debit or credit card. 200 transactions and up to 10000 deposited is allowed each month.
Advanced Company Checking monthly maintenance fees range from 12 to 17 but may be reduced or eliminated depending on your balance. The first 25000 deposited each month is totally free of charges. Transaction fees are 0.17 per debit and 0.40 per credit unless the fees are waived.
BusinessPlus Extra checking accounts are cost-free with a 12000 average monthly balance. 500 monthly transactions are allowed. After that the charge per transaction is 0.40. also included are overdraft protection a business enterprise debit card 4 no cost domestic outgoing wires per month 4 no cost stop payments per month and Organization On the internet services.
Chase Non-Profit Business Classic provides a low cost or free of charge checking account on the internet for non-profit organizations. Check Safekeeping is 2 per month Image Statement is 4 per month and Check Enclosure is 6 per month. These fees are waived with a minimum monthly average balance of 4000. 200 transactions per month are allowed at no cost. Additional transactions are 0.40 each. The no cost cash deposit limit is 10000 per month for this free company checking account. Make money online offers

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