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Hi Men
99 seconds .This really is how long about the ordinary you could get to do this .Study ON

Thank you for your huge response to this group on facebook.As every one of us know it is a very pretty very unlikely
assertion I never intend to become the president of Nigeria. Im specific some very poor sod
these days will jump at it .
What i intend is one of us from the variety that teem social networks like facebook will
one day do us all that big favour .
I in addition to a number of associates feel that it really is only from forming effective coalitions that Nigeria can
transfer ahead .For this reason Im requesting that a considerable amount of us be a part of www. Make money online qatar
My good reasons –
1.All facebook myspace Advert revenues continue being with them.
2.Even if it trickles out it wont depart The united states .
three.Obama will develop into president but will it adjust the plight belonging to the black guy specially
Nigerians 4.The Oil Revenues in Nigeria have an stop of everyday life and my people it is actually soon rather
soon.The united states is investing trillions in Biofuels.Even a country like Brazil is almost
getting to be crude oil non dependence compliant . five.Areas like Dubai Qatar and many others are taking crucial measures to stave iff Crude
depletion.make sure you google this
Previous to i bore you guys my problem is what exactly are we likely to depart for our children .Not
can do an Andrew and try like i did 4years ago.
Then what-
It is actually a simple small business answer.Me and my acquaintances are supplying you a stake in a tremendous stake ALL of IT .
what we which we is YOU want from you is easy
Just your enthusiasm to save lots of a fallen Large that by no means was.
The possibility that there truly is definitely an Audacity of hope where by everyman can stand within this environment
and hold their head high be it Me youthem or MR Barrack Hussein Obama.
A predicament exactly where Nigerians can look and feel about them and proudly say God bless Nigeria the best way
the people in america get it done . A time when we can proudly declare not only are we black but were
also Nigerians.

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I leave with 1 statistic i calculated my very own self depending on the volume of people today i understand
1 out of a few youthful Nigerians amongst the age of 15-28 will get to the 419 home business in
their lifetime. I personally usually do not blame Nigerians for scamming Poetic Justice Reparation
Balancing as far as im worried what i blame us for is that. nigerians need to get up and honestly make investments while in the Thing we have a lot in
abundance.We the Nigerians.
Theres alot more gist but let us sign-up a this social money building Network Online site and Conclude. I
have had
sufficient of making cash for your substantial men when we the tiny men just sit and appear.When i used to be
increasing up i knew how the little man felt mainly because i used to be a little bit guy a majority of my pals from
secondary college can testify to this bit now i is grown up and yep getting previous.I have do not ever
heard of everyone wholl say dem no go like some supplemental pounds for his or her retirement .
This na all i can say for now
I do know you oneself will recognize this gesture.
It happens to be Enough .
Thank you and God bless Nigeria
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. I know there are a lot of issues but then lifestyle might be truly worth a lot less residing if there were hardly ever
questions. you are able to still stay on facebook but stay for your best considerations .YOUR POCKET
Abiodun John Balogun Senior Analyst Founder new family home of your Nigerian projeKT previously and

Frank Adeche
www.systeminini.internet Senior Analyst programmer
Noelene Joshua Online business Improvement and Accounting Make money online qatar

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