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Asian Fitness Beauties
So I have Asian Hubs and Fitness Hubs so why not combine the two and do an Asian Fitness HubSo I did. And here is the result chock full of female bodybuilders female mixed martial artists female fitness models and feminine fitness rivals.
Novice bodybuilder Rebekah Kresila is from Cleveland Ohio.Rebekah is really a qualified personal coach and has coaching like a classical pianist.Do a lookup for her on the web and you can find tons of movies and photos were shes posing flexing doing mixed wrestling and arm wrestling.
Satoko Shinashi was born on January 29th my birthday 1977 in Tokyo Japan and is a female MMA fighter.Combined martial arts fighters have to be in form lots of the fitness types use MMA coaching being a solution to stay in shape.Satoko is educated in Judo Sambo a Russian martial artwork and jiu-jitsu in her matches and it is known for her armbars.Her MMA report is 29-2- two with 23 of these wins becoming via submission and 17 of those submissions had been armbars.Fairly much if she gets an armbar locked in its over. Online job korea Her only MMA losses were to Mai Ichii by choice and Hisae Watanabe by knockout.Satokos final win was over Yukiko Seki submission through arm bar at Deep – 38 Impact on October 23rd 2008 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan.
And right here will be the woman that handed Satoko Shinashi her initial reduction Hisae Watanabe.Hisae was born on October 21 1980 in Tochigi Prefecture Japan and shes a female MMA fighter and former kickboxer.She is competing given that 2002 and in her initially fight she was disqualified for working with an illegal kick. Satoko is usually a previous DEEP Ladies Light-weight champion and she features a MMA document of 19-6-0.And indeed that leopard print two piece outfit is her regular fighting gear.
Denise Paglia was quite common within the fitness magazines inside the 90s and her fame has carried more than to right now.You might bear in mind her in the 90s Television show Fitness Seashore on ESPN2. I read that she was of Japanese and Italian descent and she is often outlined as Denise Paglia Cole.Not just is Denise is actually a Certified AFAA Fitness Coach but she was a fitness competitor too. Denise placed inside the 1992 and 1993 Fitness America National Pageants and she came in fifth in the 1995 Fitness Olympia.She was on the cover with the very 1st concern from the fitness journal Muscle mass Fitness Hers.
This is Asian-American female bodybuilder Michelle Jin.She was born in China but moved towards the US when she 18.Michelle is competing in amateur contests suitable now mainly in natural bodybuilding.Other than that I do not have loads of info on her.Then again her mass and definition speaks for itself.Like Rebekah Kresila Michelle does loads of posing and wrestling movies.
Tanji Johnson is not only a fitness competitor but a previous American Gladiator to bootOn American Gladiators her character was Stealth.She is of BlackKorean decent and was born in Bamberg Germany. In addition to being a fitness competitor and Gladiator she is actually a personal trainer NPC Promoter and writer.Because American Gladiators Tanji has gone back into competition heavy. Just this year she has competed within the 2009 IFBB Arnold Classic the 2009 IFBB Atlantic City Bodybuilding Fitness Figure Championships and the 2009 IFBB Olympia. In Atlantic City and in the Olympia she came in a very respectable second place both times.
Tanji sponsored her own fitness competition this year The Tanji Johnson Vancouver 2011.
Beautiful Lisa Cheng is not merely a bodybuilder but a rock climber at the same time Shes so good at rock climbing shes earned the nickname -Hong Kong Spider Woman-. Besides rock-climbing I have heard that she could be looking at gaining into MMA. Lisa has a respectable contest history….Asian Championships 2007 – Women Body Fitness 7th placeAsian Championships 2007 – Women Fitness 4th placeAsian Championships 2008 – Women Body Fitness 3rd placeAsian Championships 2008 – Women Fitness 4th placeHong Kong Bodybuilding And Fitness Championships 2008- 1st place.
Jung Dayeon will be the woman who started the momjjang hot body fad in Korea. She transformed herself as a result of exercise and diet and is also recognized as an expert on physical training and exercise now.Jung has released a preferred fitness book a DVD called Momjjang Diet and even been in a K-drama in Korea called Aquarius where she played a fitness instructor.You may see parts of her Figurerobics DVD on YouTube.
Maria Kang is actually a fitness model group director fitness manager private coach communications specialist and spokesperson but if you study really much about this beautiful young girl you can see that her favorite role is mother. Read anything on her website and that love and dedication will shine via everything. She is of Filipina and Malaysian Chinese descent.Her contest history-1997 Miss Asia Pacific Islander1998 Miss Petite Philippines1998 Miss Petite Teen International2003 Miss San Francisco Chinatown USA2003 Miss Philippines USA2003 Miss Bikini California2003 Bikini America Nationals2003 Top Five Nationwide Finalist Miss Model The united states2003 Top Five Nationwide Finalist Miss Bikini America
Feminine blended martial artist Rin Nakai almost fits into two categoriesOne…she is actually a feminine MMA fighter. Two…she looks like she could go into bodybuilding if she wanted to. Yeah I know she maybe as well big of a woman for some peoples taste. Despite how big she looks in photos though Rin is only five foot one and weighs in at 145. Her current MMA document is 10-0-0. I wonder if we will see Rin arrive to The united states and go up against Cris Cyborg Santos soon
Huong Vo is usually a Vietnamese NPC figure athlete. It looks as though Huong might have stopped competing given that the last figure competition I can uncover for her is in 2008.Huong Vos Figure Competition History-2005 NPC USA Bodybuilding Figure – 13th Place2007 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding Fitness And Figure Contest – 16th Place2007 NPC Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure Contest – 2nd Place2007 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding Fitness And Figure Championships – 1st Place2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding Figure Championships – 16th Place
This is NPC figure competitor personal trainer and fitness model Cheri Nguyen. And by the way Cheri is also a MMA ring girl and aspiring fighter.Cheris life has been no walk inside the park she had to overcome many adversity to get to where she is right now. Due to mental and physical abuse from her family she lived in childrens homes and was in state custody from your age fourteen to eighteen.But in 2000 she started excess weight coaching after the birth of her son.Cheri hasnt forgotten her past though these days she she volunteers for CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates a group that protects children of abuse.
Cheris Contest History-2010 NPC Nationwide Bodybuilding Figure Bikini Championships – 9th Place 2010 NPC Arkansas State Bodybuilding Figure Bikini Championships – 1st Place 2010 NPC Arkansas State Bodybuilding Figure Bikini Championships – 1st Place 2010 NPC Muscle mass Mayhem Championships – 1st Place 2011 NPC Team Universe Nationwide Fitness Championships – 10th Place 2011 NPC Junior USA Championships – 2nd Place 2011 IFBB Arnold Novice – 2nd Place Online job korea

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