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Celebrity Fitness pioneered the concept of combining a fitness center and entertainment ambiance in Indonesia. Moreover Celebrity Fitness contributes tremendously to the increased awareness of health and fitness in its operating markets today. Celebritys gym expertise proved hugely well-known prompting the team to broaden its gym network in Jakarta and grow overseas beginning in 2005 using the one Utama club in Kuala Lumpur. As the premier regional fitness middle Celeb Fitness consistently pushes to give the best services to its members by tailoring applications and offerings for our members satisfaction.
In December 2007 Navis Funds Partners Navisunited withCelebrity Fitness. Navis contributes its several resources to help Superstar Fitness as it expands its item offerings in its existing markets and overseas. Online job kuala lumpur
Superstar Fitness may be the fastest expanding fitness company in Asia with 41000 active members in Jakarta on your own. The clubs in Surabaya Kuala Lumpur and Penang have been obtaining enthusiastic optimistic suggestions from members. Superstar Fitness enjoys its image as a fashionable location for the vigorous city and cosmopolitan community and can continue to strive to give a multitude of top quality exciting and entertaining work-out experiences to our members-no issue what their fitness ranges are. Celebrity Fitness released India using the club at JMD Mall Gurgaon and can carry on to create the organization and broaden our gym network inside the close to future.
1. Power
Celebrity fitness have properly preserve and modern fitness center gear. This can let the customer enjoy the finest equipment at celebrity fitness.
On the web presence- Every member may have access to store routine and health supplement supplied online. All scheduling might be automated for rapidly and effective communication with all the members.
Educated and pleasant staff- Celebrity fitness personnel is made up of professionally trained personnel which have a accurate passion for assisting the customer and caring for the wants of its members. This gets obvious when you examine the staffs skilled qualifications.
Apparent vision of the market will need- Celebrity fitness give person membership together with company membership for organization. This may generate incredibly loyal passionate members.
Celeb Fitness give Courses such as Physique combat Kickboxing Yoga Road jam Aerobic and many extra new classes. This will retains members intrigued and loyalty towards the club.
Superstar Fitness provide several of gym centre at Klang Valley that situated on buying complex. This will offer you flexibility to customer to select their nearest fitness centre.

1. Weakness
Though Superstar Fitness has constructed a loyal following however the brand name just isnt but a home name.
Celeb Fitness substantial membership fees relative to standard gyms- Celeb Fitness solutions might not appeal to potential consumers having a restricted spending budget like student and fresh graduate.
Celebrity Fitness also inability to work on the substantial volume business enterprise design.
Superstar Fitness also employing substantial expenses of attracting a big company customer. This can decrease the turnover.
Superstar Fitness also encounter substantial personnel turnover mainly because a lot of the front-line worker are fresh graduate or part-timer
Competitors such as Fitness Very first offer you a good deal far more fitness centre to it member examine with Celebrity Fitness.

two. Celebrity Fitness Core and Supplementary Components

Core values- a fitness exercise place
Supplementary Elements
Payment- Celebrity Fitness offer versatility of payment for his or her gym membership. Customer can opt for to pay a sum of money by money for particular 12 months of services or they can subscribe to EPP effortless payment plan for payment by credit card.
Billing- Celeb Fitness will issue a agreement to customer relating to the sum of money their ought to spend for that membership if by EPP the contract will distinct stated the length and month-to-month installment.
Data- Superstar Fitness has salesperson situated at each of their fitness club if consumer walk-in their will clarify the services obtainable like location of each fitness centre fitness classes out there individual trainer support and pricing.
Consultation- Celebrity Fitness has salesperson situated at each and every of their fitness club member will get consultation no matter if their present excess weight is health or not what fitness courses fit them which fitness centre nearest to them personal coach solutions their needed and price that meet their want.
Hospitality- Celebrity Fitness necessary their staff to become dressed in formal as a way to display regard towards their customer talking in a polite method and in addition language that consumer comfortable. Safekeeping- Celebrity Fitness presents a cost-free locker to the member to maintain their belonging whilst gym in the fitness centre.
Exceptions- Aside from fitness location like gym courses and kickboxing- Celeb Fitness also offer you exception like steam space and sauna area for your member at rest room.

3. Superstar Fitness Services Advertising and marketing Combine-8Ps
Product components- Superstar Fitness objective is supply a location for customer to fitness work out. Apart from the core worth Celebrity Fitness also provided supplementary solutions like fitness lessons personal coaching solutions free of charge consuming device sauna area steam space and swimming pool.
Location and time- Celeb Fitness has eight fitness centers at Klang valley that strategic situated at purchasing complicated. This can straightforward for member to pick which nearest to their house or work place. The working of Celeb Fitness is from 6am to twelve pm this will enable member to visit the fitness centre at their comfort time.
Marketing and training- Celeb Fitness had been doing advertising with banner and flyer at their fitness centre. On banner and flyer it also stated the membership program. Besides this they also performing promotion on Confront guide Friendster and twitter- relating to their membership strategy answering feedback from consumer latest promotion and fitness lessons routine from them.
Price and other person outlays- Celeb Fitness offer you unique price reduction for university student and company consumer. Customer also can pick to pay full amount in money or EPP by credit card. Apart from this private coach also is going to be provided at discounted price and member will appreciate discounted cost for acquiring complement item.
Bodily atmosphere- Celebrity Fitness make incredibly sporty and superstar image for their member. All of the equipment provides are in excellent condition and modern. The fitness centre outfitted with comfy lightning appropriate new music and Tv plan. All employees might be dressed in formal.
Approach- Superstar Fitness also supplied member with instruction how you can body developing or slimming plan. Member also can provide their feedback concerning the club operation. Every machine with given instruction to use in the fitness device or gear and be certain the equipment is up-to- date.
People- Superstar Fitness employees had certified trainer certificate that approved by global physique this can make certain all facts member get is professional. Group developing also been implement by Celeb Fitness to guarantee smooth team function to serve the customer far better.
Productiveness and Top quality- Superstar Fitness management generally will probably be on fitness centre to monitoring the member conduct and what is their want or require. Continuous enhanced had been accomplished to improved the solutions top quality like member will enjoy price reduction benefit from chosen retailed inside the purchasing complex. The fitness equipment is up-to-date and fitness courses are what the member wants.

4. Location of enhancements required
Changing space- altering area portion should be more hygiene by implement a routine of cleaning for each and every 1 hour.
Secured-locker technique- Presently Superstar Fitness supply locker but member should carry together lock. So Celeb fitness requirements to apply secured-locker program for it member that just must flash their card at locker to lock. By put into action this could make certain which the locker is a lot more secured and steer clear of hijacking by thief.
Bathroom area- management ought to be more cautious concerning the facilities provided by getting a program check-up sustaining the liquid inside the shampoo liquid machine and ensure each and every with the bathrooms include soap holder. Bathroom region requirements to substantiate with water supplying and if the problem genuinely unavoidable administration must inform the member prior to they enter Celeb fitness.
Fitness center region- Often examine concerning the weight machine and excess weight gear is very crucial for the reason that it may prevent the machineequipment breakdown that creating inconvenience to it club member and squandering their time. The length to repair up the spoil machineequipment is incredibly important so the management ought to set a faster timeframe to fix each and every of the machine equipment.
General amenities- Common services need enhancement in swimming pool towel solutions and indoor studio. In the start out swimming pool need to be more hygiene along with the degree of chlorine quantity must fill accordingly the worldwide regular because if more will bring harm to club member skin or hair. So a routine verify up for swimming pool have to be dealing with cautiously to keep away from dissatisfaction to club member. In addition to this the towel supplied to member must be at beneficial situation thoroughly clean and with no stink on it. By this it is going to boost the satisfaction of member since it creates an excellent sensation when using the tower. At last the indoor studio needs to be raise the area due to the fact to satisfy the desire of member that desires to show up at the course. Using this type of all members can enroll in the course and it is going to enhance the satisfaction of member.
Services and security- No cost juice solutions have to be included at Celeb fitness mainly because its going to raise the image of Celebrity fitness that usually supplied add-on services to its member and definitely care about the member satisfaction. In addition to this the frontline staffs at Superstar fitness needs to attend training relating to consumer services due to the fact itll strengthen the front line staff in customer first attitude. By training and totally free juice its going to increase satisfaction of club member. At last for security worry Superstar fitness have to put into action a computerized automated gate at the club entry since it may block unauthorized individual to enter the club that can deliver damage to the club member. With safety tighten up the club member is going to be feeling extra safety when doing their work-out and it surely will improve the satisfaction of club member.

five. Comparison research

Fitness first is usually a major player for fitness industry in Malaysia. Comparisons have been made make between fitness initial and celeb fitness. The acquiring shows fitness 1st provide something that have been skip out or not on par by celebrity fitness-
eleven clubs at Klang valley compare with Superstar fitness only have eight clubs. This will allow customer feel Fitness 1st have much more selection to pick out and extra comfort.
Personalised audio visual enjoyment. No matter whether you appreciate seeing audio movies news or the newest sporting event. Superstar fitness also give audio visual entertainment but cant personalised and just can look at what they supply. This may permit customer feel Fitness first have extra selection to pick and fulfill their requirements.
Member lounge juice bar- location to unwind after your work out. Relax read the papers chat with other members and friends and also get pleasure from complimentary soft drinks tea and coffee within the members lounge for no cost. Celeb fitness doesnt give any of cost-free drink or lounge. This exception sure will boost loyalty of Fitness 1st member and attract much more prospects to them.
DVD VCD rental- Fitness initially is the 1st chain of health clubs to introduce a members complimentary DVDVCD facility. Currently members have a selection of over 500 leading movie titles to select from at unquestionably no expense. Movies are supplied on a 48-hour loan company and all need to have is your membership card. Celebrity fitness doesnt give these services. This exception sure will make the consumer happier of Fitness 1st for the reason that they do one thing from the expectation.
Security- For the comfort and safety of Fitness Initial members all entries for the clubs are based on computerized automated gates where only members can entry the clubs by swiping their membership cards at the gates. Celeb fitness doesnt offer these services. This safekeeping will raise the Fitness 1st member trust.
On the internet customize program- Match Sync offers the security of your respective own customized account and verification password. Whether or not it really is verifying your own sessions tracking session balances on-line or through electronic mail updates or checking your Personal Coaching package validity Match Sync will be the on-line technique to aid you program and get probably the most from your Private Coaching program. Superstar fitness doesnt give these services. The hospitality of this program is something Celeb Finest need to learn about it.
Online job kuala lumpur

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