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Here is surely an amazing list of interesting football quotes to assist you enjoy the upcoming time of year. Whether youre a football fan player or coach…these funny football quotes will allow you to see the lighter area of the game.
Enjoy these football quotations and have a great period
20 Humorous Baseball Quotes
Funny Soccer Quote 1

I wouldnt actually set out to hurt any person deliberately unless it had been you know important -like any league game or something like that.
Dick Butkus
Funny Soccer Quote 2
Most baseball teams are temperamental. That may be 90 temper and 10 intellectual.
Doug Plank
Funny Basketball Quote 3
I want to run for 1500 or 1400 yards whichever occurs first.
George Rogers
Funny Soccer Quote 4
Football is not difficult if youre crazy since hell.
Bo Jackson -. Online job quote template – Interesting Football Quote 5
No person in football should be called a genius. The genius is a dude like Norman Einstein.
Joe Theismann
Funny Football Offer 6
Pro football is much like nuclear warfare. There wont be winners only children.
Frank Gifford
Funny Baseball Quote 7
If a man watches three basketball games in a row he should be declared legitimately dead.
Erma Bombeck
Funny Soccer Quote 8
When I went along to Catholic high school in Philly we just had a single coach for basketball and basketball. He she took all of us that turned out and had people run through a do. The ones who ran into your trees were on the football team.
George Raveling
Humorous Football Quote 9
In case my mother wear a helmet and shoulder pads and a standard that wasnt just like the one I was donning Id run over the womans if she what food was in my way. And i also love my mom.
Bo Jackson
Funny Sports Quote 10
Sharks are while tough as individuals football fans who take their shirts away from during games within Chicago in Economy is shown only more wise.
Dave Barry
Hilarious Football Quote 11
Soccer is after all a wonderful way to get rid of ones aggressions without going to arrest for it.
Heywood Hale Braun
Funny Basketball Quote 12
Sure good luck means a lot within football. Not having a great quarterback is bad good fortune.
Don Shula
Funny Football Quotation 13
Football isnt a make contact with sport its a accident sport. Dancing is usually a contact sport.
Duffy Daugherty
Hilarious Football Quote 14
I might catch a punt naked in the snow within Buffalo for a chance to try out in the NFL.
Dorrie Henderson
Funny Football Price 15
Baseball players usually are smarter than basketball players. How often would you see a baseball staff penalized for a great number of men on the discipline
Jim Bouton
Funny Football Quote 16
You have to perform this game like an individual just hit your current mother with a two-by-four.
Dan Birdwell
Funny Football Offer 17
Ive found that wishes work best when you have big players.
Knute Rockne
Funny Basketball Quote 18
American sports makes rugby look like a new Tupperware party.
Sue Lawley
Hilarious Football Quote 19
I have been previously big ever since I was little.
William The Refrigerator Perry
Funny Football Quote 20
We can not run. We cant cross. We cant stop the run. We cant quit the pass. We can not kick. Other than that were just not a very good sports team right now.
Bruce Coslet
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