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Chipleader affiliates is an award winning poker affiliate program where youll find everything you need to make a lot of money from two of the largest online poker sites Absolute Poker and Chipleader is particularly developed and custom made tailored as being a one-stop system for every little thing you need as an affiliate. So it is possible to
concentrate on generating dollars and receiving paid rapidly from a leader within the affiliate industry. As being a one-stop affiliate powerhouse Chipleader has all your marketing and advertising and promotional wants for Absolute Poker and UB
Poker. Youll find successful banners live jackpot feeds newsletters and lots of great poker content from the pros. Online job tracking Chipleader also provides you with the widest variety of poker promotions within the industry that players respond to time and time again. With the help of world-class poker celebrities and incredible player offers Chipleader provides 1 of
the highest conversion rates in on-line gaming so you may really money in
Affiliate Commissions
Revenue Join the Chip l eader Affiliate Plan and earn the most generous affiliate payouts within the business. Their huge Revenue Share system pays you based on the Net Revenue Commission strategy. You can earn a percentage of the commission from the Net Revenue generated from your players. This structure allows you to optimize the value of high value
qualified traffic.
CPA System CPA Cost Per Acquisition is a one-time flat fee payment made to the affiliate for each new real funds sign-up. Their standard CPA is 100 which means that if you send a new referral and they deposit the minimum 50 and play 100 real money hands they will pay you 100. Its that simple. AP and UB are known to have some on the highest
conversion rates in the market.

Refer a Webmaster Referral commissions are based on revenue generated by other poker affiliates you refer. In addition to promoting to and referring potential players to the website its possible youll refer webmasters with functional websites to this Affiliate Program to also industry to and refer potential players to the website. In such event they will pay you a percentage of
the amount paid to Sub-Affiliates for any Players they refer.
Affiliate Plan Details With the potential to create an infinite amount of money Chipleader will make you feel like youre always holding pocket
Aces. Theyve put together a compensation structure to help you make as much money as probable as an Absolute Poker and
UltimateBet affiliate. Now you will earn revenue for all players referred by you or by your directly-referred affiliates for the entire life on the
player You now have the option to receive a tiered net revenue commission up to 35. Referral commissions are based on
revenue generated by other affiliates you refer.
Compensation Strategy
Net Revenue Percentage Method Default Method 25 up to 10000 30 – 10001 – 20000
35 – 20001
Refer Other Affiliates and Earn First referral tier – 5
Second Tier referrals – 1.5
Why Join the Chipleader Affiliates System-

High Conversion Rates
Lifetime revenue from each referred player
Multi tier system for added earnings from referred affiliates
No losses ever – as long as you send qualified players you will make cash
One destination for all your AP UB affiliate wants
Instant access to AP UB advertising materials promotions poker content
Access AP UB affiliate stats from 1 location
100 free to be a part of
Single log-in for AP UB backend wants
Chipleader Affiliate F.A.Q.
How to Set Up A Chipleader Affiliate Account First of all in order to set up an affiliate account you might first must go to the Chipleader home page and click on the
Join Now button. This will take you to the Affiliate Sign Up page. This is exactly where you are going to sign up like a Chipleader affiliate. At this point you can should create your new Account by filling
out all the required information.
Make sure you include Payment Details. Then simply click on the link titled Submit After developing your account the procedure will confirm that your account has been created. Click on the Login button
What is an affiliate system
An affiliate system is surely an easy way for you to make cash on the internet. If you own a website you may earn cash by placing banners or links on your site that advertise Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. When a visitor to your site clicks on the link you happen to be referring traffic to 1 of these sites. They track this
traffic throughout their site and pay you commissions for every player who registers an account and plays on their site. If you do not have a website you may still have the ability to participate in the affiliate program by referring players to Absolute
Poker and Ultimate Poker.
How does the affiliate plan work As a Chipleader affiliate youll be able to place banners or other advertising and marketing materials on your site which then sends potential players to Absolute PokerUltimateBet. You may also send an email to your subscriber base including a promotional offer
or promote our sites in your newsletter.
How do I benefit from the Chipleader affiliate program
Benefiting from the Chipleader affiliate plan is easy. All you must do is refer players and other webmasters.
Simply place our marketing and advertising materials on your site or send an email to your subscriber base that refers your site visitors to 1 of our websites. If a person becomes a money player at their web sites and plays with them you are going to earn your commission. Best of all you own that player for life. So as long as that player continues to play at Absolute PokerUltimateBet youll
continue to earn a commission
What commissions can I earn You can receive a net revenue commission of 25 to 35 25 for up to 10000 in revenue for the month 30 for
10001 to 20000 in revenue for the month 35 for 20001 and over in revenue for the month
Plus refer other affiliates and earn revenue off in the players that they send through up to 5
Will I always make funds With Chipleader youll be able to earn Revenue for all players referred by you or your directly referred Affiliates – for the life of
the player
What will it cost to join
Nothing. There are NO costs or ongoing costs to participate inside the Chipleader Affiliate Program.
How do I join Click here to get started. They will review your site to create sure it meets their terms and conditions. You are going to be
notified of ones acceptance into the plan soon after you submit your application.
How are players tracked
As an affiliate you might have your own individual tracking code that is exclusive to you. Through your code they will track and calculate your affiliate earnings. When you refer potential players to Absolute PokerUltimateBet the player opens hisher Account and the process automatically logs the Tracking URL and records
you as the Affiliate.
Where can I download banners
Banners for both Absolute Poker and UB Poker can be found by logging in to your affiliate account.
Once logged in go to the Marketing Tools section and select 1 of the sites.
Youll have a large variety of banners available. To add the banner of ones choice to your site you simply have to copy
and paste the tracking code directly onto your site.
As an affiliate how and when do I get compensated Youll receive a commission payment once your poker affiliate earnings reach a minimum of 50. Payments are issued
by the 10th of your following month using the payment details you provide on your account. Chipleader Affiliates offer a choice of payment options to suit your requirements. Best of all you could have it deposited directly
to your Player Account.
Start earning cash from poker affiliate commissions now
Join the Chipleader Affiliate Progra m Now Online job tracking

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