The Kindle Cash Machine: Going From Zero to 1500 Sales In 150 Days!

Amazon really has created a revolution in publishing with it’s Kindle platform, recent figures from Amazon tell the tale. For every 100 physical books in love with Amazon you’ll find 105 Kindle books sold. It is estimated that Amazon has sold well over 8 Million Kindles. Now that creates a possibility, because Amazon needs content and plenty of it. This is how we are going to start to make our money while using method that I outline below I went from Zero Sales to 1500 sales in 5 months by publishing content for Amazons Kindle platform.

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Amazon has levelled the playing field for small publishers (that’s us) by permitting that you publish on Kindle and Create Space Amazon’s Publish On Demand or POD service) without it costing anything, provided the information complies with their Terms of Service (TOS). That removes all of the barriers to self publishing containing stopped a lot of people from succeeding.

The traditional route of approaching publishers suffering rejection often for years on end has ended. This has allowed many people to produce their entire income publishing on Kindle. But most people will perhaps never write a novel.

So here’s the way you can perform it, we will be publishing Non Fiction Information Products (books) and we’ll provide outstanding value and content. At first glance this may look little different from selling Information Products on eBay. With Kindle all of the delivery is performed for you personally electronically, there are no products to ship. It is a real set and forget business. You can also sell the identical content on eBay and deliver like a physical product yourself.

There are many really HOT markets on Kindle so we will take a peek at these, surprisingly the “Make Money Online” merchandise is NOT big sellers so it could be preferable to steer clear of these, at the very least at the start until we’ve learned to promote our other products correctly.


We are likely to publish our very own variety of books on Kindle and elsewhere and we all need content, so we have four options:

Write it ourselves, time intensive and several would say tedious and imagine if you are feeling you are unable to write (actually all of us can).

Get your book ghost written to suit your needs, you can use a service for example e-lance, The Warrior Forum or Student Gems to get worker which will do that in your case. This can be a costly option and you may must give you a very tight specification for your work.

Use Public Domain Content: There is a good chance how the popular content will already be on Kindle however, there is loads of Public Domain content that has yet to be exploited I have a strategy for getting Public Domain works accepted for Kindle EVEN if it is already on the market about the site.

Compile your book from PLR (Private Label Rights) Materials, this is an excellent option nevertheless, you will have to approach this correctly otherwise your books is going to be rejected by Amazon.

What we’ve got to never forget is always that Kindle Publishing is really a numbers game and now we must have a great deal of content.